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Products » Solar PCU Model UPS’s

Off-Grid PCU (Solar Power Conditioning Unit)

 AARECC PHBP1000 – 5000Series (1KVA - 5KVA)Model UPS’s

Solar power will get divided between battery charging and Inverter. If and when the Inverter load is more than available solar power, then battery goes into discharge mode.

Solar PCU Model UPS

  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
  • Available in both Offline and Online topologies
  • Nominal DC voltage: Offline- 48/60/72/96VDC Online: 48-360VDC
  • UPS capacities available: Offlline:1kVA- 5kVA
  • Online: 1kVA-120kVA
  • Charger efficiency: More than 95%
  • Microcontroller driven
  • Solar optimization function, preference for solar power over mains
  • PV array open circuit voltage : Three times of battery voltage
  • O/p wave form: pure sine wave
  • Automatic mains charger enable/disable (optional)

Solar PCU Model UPS Protections:

Proprietary: Anti-MOSFET blast lock on battery removal/disconnection, phase reversal, lightning, temperature sensed cooling, temperature sensor for MOSFET/IGBT protection (optional)

Regular: Input under/over voltage, Battery deep discharge protection, Battery over charge protection, Output under voltage/over voltage, Output short circuit / overload.