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 AARECC SDBP-Series 500VA - 5KVA Model UPS’s

Solar Domestic UPS

  • Two types of chargers for cost effectiveness / efficiency
  • On/Off charger: Simple, low cost PV array charge controller
  • Zero voltage drop charger: for high efficiency
  • Microcontroller driven
  • Solar optimisaion function, preference for solar power over mains
  • maximum current : upto 40A in zero drop design and upto 20A in On/Off design
  • 12V/24V input selectable
  • Mains charger: upto 15A
  • O/p wave form: pure sine wave
  • Automatic mains charger enable/disable (optional)


Proprietary: Anti-MOSFET blast lock on battery removal/disconnection, phase reversal, lightning, temperature sensed cooling, temperature sensor for MOSFET protection (optional)

Regular: Input under/over voltage, Battery deep discharge protection, Battery over charge protection, Output under voltage/over voltage, Output short circuit / overload

Note: Zero drop charger could be best used as a stand alone charger for solar installations
Solar Domestic UPS Our Solar-max Hybrid UPS Systems work from both Solar power and Mains utility power to charge the connected batteries. Not only that, the built in intelligence of the UPS exploits the solar power to the maximum. UPS checks for the current available from solar and uses that for charging the battery through the charge controller and only the remaining current required is taken from the mains.

For example, suppose your battery needs 6A charging current, and if the full 6A is available from solar panel, then the UPS charges exclusively from panel only. But say, the solar panel gives you only 4A, then UPS takes that 4A from panel and the remaining 2A from mains. If panel is giving only 2A, then UPS takes that 2A from panel and the balance 4A from mains. This way, while we are utilizing maximum solar power available, it also ensures that the battery is properly charged even in the absence of solar power.

We have incorporated this optional feature in all of our CFL UPS and Home UPS systems from 500VA to 2.2kVA. We also have similar high efficiency charge controllers in our Online UPS systems up to 30kVA

We hope that this will be a great feature that you will be able to add good value to our customers with our high performing inverters and UPS systems. Since the power starvation is increasing by the day, we have seen tremendous response for this product during our trial run and field test. We are sure, you will benefit with our ‘Solar-max Hybrid UPS systems’

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