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Home UPS

AARECC Sine wave Inverter and home ups indigenously designed and developed for the severe power crises management through combination of state-of-the-art technology / components. Its wide range of capacity from 500VA to 50KVA is available. This understands and copes with vagaries of Indian power condition more completely, then its other counter parts.

  Sailent Features: Home UPS   

  1. Microcontroller /DSP based design, with most pure sine wave – best in the industry – with or without load.
  2. SMPS based charger with complete, multi stage, battery management. Charges battery from as low as 130V onwards.
  3. Fuzzy logic control : Protects battery, reduces frequency of topping up, enhances battery life and at the same time provides ultra fast charging with current from 1A to 15A.
  4. Saves upto 40% electricity compared to square wave inverter.
  5. Smart overload sensing, Restart try 5 times, Short circuit protection with auto reset, Return voltage protection, In built temperature sensor.
  6. Soft start for heavy load and cold start. Ensures swappable load connectivity. You can connect your entire lighting load without separate wiring.
  7. Fast, synchronous change over. Inverter for home is ideal for sophisticated electronic equipment like PCs, DVD players, LCD monitors, LCD TVs etc.

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