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AARECC DBP400 – 5000Series(400VA -5KVA)Model UPS's

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Home UPSHome UPS

  •  Microcontroller /DSP based design, with most pure sine wave – best in the industry – with or without load.

  •  SMPS based charger with complete, multi stage, battery management. Charges battery from as low as 130V onwards.

  •  Fuzzy logic control :Protects battery, reduces frequency of topping up, enhances battery life and at the same time provides ultra fast charging with current from 1A to 15A.

  •  Saves upto 40% electricity compared to square wave inverter.

  •  Smart overload sensing, Restart try 5 times, Short circuit protection with auto reset, Return voltage protection, In built temperature sensor.

  •  Soft start for heavy load and cold start. Ensures swappable load connectivity. You can connect your entire lighting load without separate wiring.

  •  Fast, synchronous change over. Inverter for home is ideal for sophisticated electronic equipment like PCs, DVD players, LCD monitors, LCD TVs etc.