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HBP Series:

 AARECC HBP - Series PWM Technology Online UPS’s

Online UPS

AARECC is providing state-of-the-art double conversion type UPS system using high frequency PWM technology. Using IGBT as the main switching device for Inverter are technically superior UPS system. The AARECC On-Line UPS system provides Pure Sine Wave and protects its user equipments from impurity of input power supply like sags, surges, voltage variation, frequency variation, blackouts, brownouts, spikes etc. AARECC range of UPS system are designed and engineered by a team of young, energetic technocrat's people having wide experience in the field of power conditioning equipments.


  • Networks
  • Servers
  • PC’s
  • ATMs
  • Printers
  • Telecom equipments
  • Communication equipments
  • PLC’s Access control
  • Fire protection
  • BMS

Sailent Features: Online UPS

  • Advanced DSP Controlled UPS System
  • SPWM Technology with IGBT’s
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Input THD i < 5%
  • True galvanic isolation design(Optional)
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design to suit the interiors
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • High MTBF and minimum MTTR
  • SNMP interface – web enabled monitoring
  • Full function LCD display to monitor electrical parameters
  • Compliance to International standards

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